WiFi Wherever With Apple Hotspot

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With a few clicks of a button, you can use iPhone’s data plan to create a WiFi network anywhere!

Stress surrounds us: work, family, kids, bills, and the list goes on. So when you can, vacation provides a much-needed getaway. For some, a beach far away serves the perfect relaxing atmosphere. For others, a sunset on a front porch swing out in the middle of nowhere acts as the ideal place to be. In both these situations, though, one thing lacks: a WiFi connection.

As much as we like getting away, life continues going on while we drift into a vacation. While you hike and camp in the mountains, a burglar breaks into your business searching for things to steal. Unfortunately, these situations occur often, and you’ll want to have some way to connect. If you own an iPad or iPhone, mobile WiFi capabilities are literally at your fingertips, as long as your device has a cellular plan (WiFi + Cellular, as Apple refers to it).

How to Use Your WiFi Hotspot on Apple Device

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, click Settings, then Cellular.
  2. The third option down is Personal Hotspot. Click that option, then once open, tap the toggle next to Personal Hotspot.
  3. Underneath Personal Hotspot and the toggle is a WiFi Password option. Autmatically, a generated password pops up. If you’d like a simpler password, simply tap that option, then type your new password.
  4. Go to the device you’d like to connect. Enter into your WiFi settings on that device, and look for your iPhone or iPad’s connection to pop up. There is usually a small link icon next to the connection name in case you don’t recognize the WiFi name. Type in the password, and POOF! Your connection is complete.
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Your phone’s hotspot creates a WiFi network on the go!

Keep in mind that turning off the hotspot takes all connected devices offline. Also, it only shuts off when the toggle is switched off in Settings>Cellular>Personal Hotspot. The hotspot uses your cellular data to create a WiFi network, so if your data is low, you run the risk of a data overage with your provider. Using your iPhone or iPad as a personal hotspot uses a lot of battery power as well, so keep a charger nearby and/or plugged in while it’s on.

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Bad WiFi while you’re trying to study? Set up your own wireless Internet connection via your iPhone or iPad! From Flickr user Terry Johnston