How to Use iPhone Night Shift Mode

night shift mode

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More #FirstWorldProblems resolved in the new version of iOS 9.3, available for download now on your iPhone and iPad: the introduction of night shift mode. Night shift mode changes the brightness of your phone at designated times (such as at night), to make your screen more easy to view in dark surroundings (such as in bed before you sleep). It can also be adjusted to the sunrise and sunset in your geographic location if you have that setting enabled. This is how it is described by Apple:


night shift mode description from apple

From Twitter User amy xx (@OnceInALouTime)

If you’re interested in setting up night shift mode on your iPhone (which you obviously are), it’s quite simple. Follow the step by step directions below:

night shift steps

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  1. Go into Settings and click “Display & Brightness.”
  2. Click “Night Shift” to enable it.
  3. Choose to either schedule specific times (as shown in the image) or click the times to choose using sunset to sunrise or create your own custom schedule.
  4. Move the Color Temperature scale to the left or right to choose the brightness temperature you prefer. (NOTE: It may be a good idea to do this in a darkish area, such as a windowless room, to get the color temperature you want the first go-round).
  5. Click the click out of Settings using the Home button. Your changes have been saved.

Also, see this video from 9to5 Mac to see how you can use night shift mode and battery saver mode at the same time:

There you have it! A simple solution to a blinding problem in the smartphone world. Next time you’re browsing your Twitter feed or zooming through emails in bed, your eyes will feel more at ease.