When Your iPhone or iPad Screen Freezes

As a technology user, you know malfunctions happen. It’s an unfortunate part of life. When these mishaps occur, like your screen freezing, it causes extreme frustration. After all, how are you supposed to figure out how to unfreeze your screen if you can’t access Safari to look up the solutions?!?!?!?! In this moment, you probably want to do this:

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Anyone asking questions about the problem or offering crappy suggestions may result in this reaction:

screen freeze frustration

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None of this is good. What is good, though, is that Heart Technologies is here to help you learn how to unfreeze your screen! As Peoria’s only Apple Authorized Service Provider, we’re the only company in the area that Apple will recommend to repair or perform maintenance on your MacBook, Mac, iPad, or iPod. While we do not service iPhones at this time, this simple hack works for iPhones as well as iPads and newer-generation iPods.

How to Unfreeze Your Screen

Step One:
Hold down the Power (sleep/wake) button. Sometimes your phone needs an additional nudge. Think of it as you needing someone to shake you to wake you up from your nap on the couch.

screen freeze step one fix

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Step Two:
If the “wake-up shake” fails to work, your next step is to force-reset the device. Before you scream, the term “force-reset” is a bit misleading. You essentially restart your device; cutting power to your device, then restoring power. Most likely, no apps or files will be affected unless they were open at the time of failure. In this case, you may lose edits to a picture or lose that webpage. If your device isn’t working, though, you weren’t going to access this, anyways.

To force-reset, hold down the home button (the round button in the bottom-center of your phone) and the power button until you see the Apple logo. This will take around ten seconds. Your device will begin to restart.

restart frozen screen

Step Three:
Your iPad or iPod still isn’t turning on? It’s time to seek outside help. Call (309)427-7090 today to reach our Apple Repair desk. They’ll answer questions, give directions, and offer any other assistance they can. Click here for more info.