My iPad Doesn’t Recognize My WiFi!

iPad Wifi

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This weekend, I drove to Chicago, my hometown, to surprise my father for his birthday. Upon arriving home, I texted my parents to tell them I had made it back. I then went to Snapchat to send a snap message. I looked in the top left corner of my phone: LTE. Despite being in my apartment, my WiFi wasn’t working with my phone. I quickly got into my settings, saw the checkmark next to my WiFi name, and the connection kicked in. About an hour later, I checked my phone again to see “LTE” instead of the WiFi icon. What the heck? While annoying, this can be easily fixed.

How to Make Your WiFi & iPhone (or iPad) Cooperate

  1. Stand next to your router. Especially if you have an iffy wireless Internet connection normally, your iDevice may have simply lost the connection. Perhaps the device sat in a “spotty” connection area. These spotty connection areas can change despite you doing nothing new. For example, when the neighbor built a new addition on his house and garage, our family room became a (basically) dead zone for WiFi. Did it fix itself? If not, move on to Step 2.
  2. Go to your WiFi Settings, then click your WiFi network and “Forget This Network.” This will erase your device’s memory of the network. Then, click that WiFi name again, re-enter the password, and the connection will be reestablished. Still not working? Move on to Step 3.
    Forget My Network WiFi Steps
  3. It’s time to reset your network settings. Under Settings, click “General”>”Reset”> Reset Network Settings. NOTE: This WILL delete all of your stored passwords and networks. ALL OF  THEM. Sorry, it’s the only way…
    However, if you see that your WiFi signal is full bars, but the Internet won’t connect, try resetting the router and restarting your phone. For more information on how to reset your router, contact your Internet provider, or refer to the router’s manual.
    Step 3 WiFi Fix

Best of luck! If your iPad is still not cooperating, more experienced care may be necessary. Heart Technologies is the only Peoria company that is Apple Authorized to service your devices as well as the Apple store itself. For more information and a $10 off coupon, click here.