I Forgot My Passcode

passcode forgot

First off, all people should have a passcode on their phones. Think of all the important information you have on there: contacts, social media accounts, pictures, texts, calendars, etc. Without passcode protection, your phone is vulnerable. Any person holding your phone can alter or remove your information.

As with any password, it also needs to be tough to crack. For example, using your birthday as your code lacks much security. In fact, if someone guesses your code, this will likely be their first choice. The same goes for “000000,” “123456,” or any important date, such as a children’s birthday or anniversary. Simply looking at your Facebook page would give away this information.

passcode retrieval

As important as it is to have a passcode, it’s equally as important to remember it.  Forgetting your code results in having your device wiped completely. Unless you were under a rock this December with the Apple vs. FBI fiasco, you know that cracking iPhones (or other devices) are near impossible. Six failed attempts to crack your code will result in being locked out for a period of time, and the more failed attempts, the longer your lockouts will become. In fact, a friend of mine tried to “mess” with another friend by locking him out of his phone, but did so to the point where he was locked out for five years.

So what do I do if I’m locked out?

Unfortunately, reset is the only answer. There are two different ways to reset your device:

  1.   Do you have Find iPhone enabled? (Side note, you should.) Sign into your iCloud account, enter into the Find iPhone app, select your device, then click “Erase.”
    icloud passcode lost erase
  2. If you don’t use Find iPhone (shame!), connect the device to a computer. While it is connected, press and hold the power and home button until you see the recovery screen. Then select “Restore.”