A Closer Look Into iPhone Frequent Locations

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Wherever you go, your iPhone is tracking…

Over Labor Day weekend, my iPhone continually notified me that it was 6 hours and 12 minutes to drive to Peoria, IL. Why? I thought. Why does my iPhone continually tell me how long it will take me to get to different places?

This is a pattern I’ve noticed over the last year or so.  I typically go to the gym after work. If I go elsewhere, my phone informs me how far I am from the gym. It does this in the morning as I’m packing up to leave for work. On Friday nights, my phone lights up to tell me how long the commute is to my favorite watering hole. How does my phone know this?

The answer is your GPS location and navigation capabilities, called Frequent Locations. Through your location settings, your phone tracks where you travel and notices patterns of where you travel and at what times. These patterns store themselves in your phone as Frequent Locations. When your phone recognizes that you normally visit a certain place at a certain time, your iPhone reminds you with drive times and directions.

frequent locations notification on iphone

Image from OSx Daily

Creepy? Yes. Convenient? Also yes. For me, it serves as a gentle reminder–almost like Mom rushing you out of the house in the morning before school. Instead of my loving mother, though, it’s my iPhone reminding me that I need to leave for work now to get there in time, or nudging me to get to the gym instead of heading home to watch TV.

To see the list of everywhere you’ve been recently, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services.  Look below for a visual guide to navigating your Frequent Locations:

Frequent Locations on iPhone

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