We’re Apple Authorized – Here’s What That Means

Apple Authorized Service Repair Products

Heart Technologies is more than your run-of-the-mill Mac repair. We are an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and that’s a big distinction between our company and others. What does that mean, though? Why should you choose an Apple Authorized Service Provider over the competition?

An Apple Authorized Service Provider is a company that is authorized by Apple to provide repair services to all Apple products. Companies that receive this distinction are organizations that Apple would recommend to analyze and repair your products. You can see this screenshot from the Apple website that shows Heart as a recommendation when looking for repair services in the Peoria area:

Apple Authorized Service Provider Search


Part of this status includes that all repairs covered under warranty must be performed by Apple-certified technicians. At Heart, only Apple-certified technicians work on your technology. Our top technician is certified by Apple to perform troubleshooting and repair of both desktop and portable Macintosh systems, such as iMac and MacBook Pro. His certification is also verifies that he can identify and resolve common Mac OS X problems, and uses Apple Service and Support products and practices to effectively repair Apple hardware.

You can trust in Heart’s expertise and care for your technology. With our technicians’ certifications and Heart’s Authorized Service Provider status, your devices are examined, analyzed, tested, and repaired using the same practices and equipment as Apple. When it comes to your Mac and Apple products, trust the only Peoria-area company Apple recommends to do the job right. Take your technology to Heart.

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