Activity Monitor Accelerates Your Apple

For Mac junkies, there’s no worse sight than the spinning wheel of death. You know the one:

Apple Loading

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All you want is for your webpage to simply load, but instead, you must deal with the rainbow wheel spinning round and round. Why is it that technology, with the sole purpose of making life easier, can create so many problems?

Apple understands this, which is may be the reason for Activity Monitor, an application that comes standard on your Mac. Activity Monitor looks overwhelming at first. By learning what to inspect and what to ignore, though, the process becomes a simple aid to boosting computer speeds.

How to Use Activity Monitor

  1. Go to your Applications, then under the Utilities folder, select Activity Monitor.Locate Activities Monitor
  2. When the app opens, a large list of applications pops up. These apps indicates all of the processes currently running on your Mac. This doesn’t mean they are all open, but that they all have background processes running. Now make sure the tab labeled CPU is highlighted. CPU shows you how much energy is being used up by what applications. Take a look at my report.
    CPU Activity Monitor Report
    Firefox is using up almost 33% of my computer’s energy, meaning that any speed reduction likely results from the use of Firefox. Notice that the app underneath is using just under 7%. This means it is using much less energy. Even though I do not have that application open (it’s an add-on of Adobe Creative Suite), it is still running in the background.
  3. Analyze what needs to be open. Currently, my computer is running at a normal speed. If it were being sluggish, though, I would take a look at this report to see what I don’t need open.
    My Activity Monitor Report
    For example, in this case, I am writing a blog, so I need Firefox open. I am not using any of my Creative Suite programs right now, though. I could close those out, which should force CEPHtmlEngine Helper to quit as well.

Fast Mac

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