Your 2016 Back to School Technology Guide

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As August comes lurking in, we know that school is right around the corner. Before you know it, your students will be back in the classroom. Will your child succeed with the technology he/she currently uses?

If it’s time to update your technology, look no further! Heart Technologies scoured the Internet to find sources for you to use when purchasing your next back to school devices.

Your 2016 Back to School Technology Guide



Having a computer used to be a luxury, but at some schools, it is now mandated. If your student is heading for college, having a laptop is a requirement. While desktop computers can be great for storing files and hard-wired connections (sketchy WiFi networks that some colleges offer can be subpar), but students require mobility. From studying in the lounge, collaborating in the library, streaming Netflix programs during downtime, or DJ-ing on a Friday night, students are on the move. They need technology that does the same.

C|net offers many laptop suggestions and comparisons. Learn more about laptops.

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Streaming Sticks

When your child heads off to college, the costs can be overwhelming. Besides university costs, buying your student everything for school and life in the dorms piles up quick. An easy way to save is with streaming sticks. Streaming devices turn your newer television set into a smart TV at a fraction of the cost. Smart TVs can cost upwards $350 for small sized sets. Purchasing a standard television on sale at an electronics store, then purchasing a streaming device can provide similar technology at a lower price point.

For example, I purchased my 43″ 1080p television from Best Buy for $200. I then purchased a Roku streaming stick for $50. I spent $250 on my television technology, saving me $100 according to the lowest estimate.

Why does your student need this? There is a social aspect–because let’s face it, everyone congregates to the room with the best TV and hangout setup. This can also be a disaster avoiding mechanism as well. If your student is the social butterfly, with friends coming in and out to hang out, being able to use the TV for pumping music means the laptop gets put away–out of risk of drink spillage, dropping, or theft. This will save you money in the long run. In addition, stream sticks can also let your student play games and watch movies required for school (they’re studying for film appreciation class, not watching “Casablanca” for fun!).

For the best comparison of streaming devices, see here.

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Why not use this new school year as a time to start new goals with your student? This year, make organization and time management a priority. Investing in a smartwatch for your student can help promote their productivity for many reasons.

Getting new technology often becomes a fun bonding time for users. They want to know the ins and outs of the device, so your student will be eager to set up alarms, notifications, and more. Having the technology always at their fingertips makes the art of time management fun again. With more enjoyment will come better organization of their time as well as increased productivity. Plus, when connected to their smartphone, they’ll always see when Mom or Dad is calling. 😉

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Educational Videos


Tablets are great for students. If your student needs optimal mobility and Internet access, tablets can provide that with less weight than a laptop. Tablets can be great for taking notes in class or reviewing study materials and flash cards before an exam. Having a tablet can be great for helping your student get in shape, too. Turn on the latest “Game of Thrones” episode and take a jog or bike ride to burn off some calories. Bring your tablet into a studio at the rec center to have your very own workout session via downloaded video or streamed content.

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Mac/MacBook/iPad Servicing

If your student (or YOU!) use Apple products, they may require routine maintenance or immediate repairs. For all the ins and outs of your Apple, take your technology to Heart, Peoria’s only company that Apple gives its stamp of approval to. For more information and a complimentary treat, visit our Apple Authorized Service Provider page.