Fresh Look at Heart Headquarters

Heart Headquarters

In the past few years, Heart Technologies has undergone some new changes in the look and feel of our company. The logo design was altered. Our exterior underwent repainting. Sun-bleached red awnings swapped out for sleek metal-inspired coverings. A faded outdoor banner replaced with a bold new display. Last week, our updates continued with brand new signage.


Heart Sign Removed
Our new sign features our updated company logo. The logo was updated in 2014 to create a sleek, modernized look with uniform colors and dimensions. While subtle, these differences needed to be reflected in our company’s outdoor signage. In addition, the services listed were altered.

Before, the sign shared what our top services were at the time. Now,
we proudly display all services our company offers to our business clients. The verbiage used also gives a better sense of what we can provide to our customers. For example, the previous sign listed “Fire” and “Video” as services. This confused some sign viewers. Are we a video production company? Are we pyromaniacs? By using the phrase “Life Safety,” it is now clear that we offer video surveillance capabilities and fire alarm and installation as life safety services.

New Heart Sign Installation


Early Friday morning, the sign crew removed the old sign. A large blank display left passersby wondering what new addition would come to be in place of the old sign.

As the day pressed on, the sign transformed from a dated piece to an updated display. This sign better represents the direction that Heart Technologies is moving in. By the end of the day on Friday, the new outdoor sign was installed.



New Heart Sign Installed


We are very excited with this update! This gives all passersby the opportunity to see all that Heart Technologies has to offer the community. The logo stands bold against the dark black background. Our name now shines brightly during the daytime and at night when the sign is illuminated. We encourage you to drive by and see for yourself!