Daylight Savings Is Upon Us!

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Flickr: kristin klein

This Sunday, we’ll be turning the clocks forward one hour for daylight savings. While this does mean we lose an hour of sleep, it also means that longer days and warmer weather are on the way. Punxsutawney Phil seemed to have been correct this year! Hooray!

While this used to be a much bigger deal, it seems that it’s now a mere afterthought. In the past, we’d run around the house on Sunday resetting every clock or time device in sight. Now, daylight savings is less of a buzz with automated time capabilities implanted in virtually all of our technology.

In fact, the concept of ridding ourselves of daylight savings completely has been brought up. This article from Tech Times last October reveals that the idea of removing time changes has been considered. Russia has even chosen to abolish the change, and what resulted may surprise you…

Regardless, whether you’re for or against the time change, it’s happening. Make sure you make your mad dash to that one non-automated clock you have left and set it to the correct time before Monday’s work day begins.

daylight savings spring ahead

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