Clean Out Your Computer!

Spring is coming soon, so now is a great time to get started on your spring cleaning! Today is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, so we have compiled some easy tips to get your computer in tip-top shape.

clean keyboard

Clean Keyboard

Think of how often you sit at your computer. Now think of how often you eat at your computer. Use your computer when you’re sick. Let other people use your computer. All of those germs and bacteria are just hanging out on your keyboard. Nasty!

To clean off these germs, grab a wet wipe to kill 99.9% of the bacteria growing on your keys. You may also want to but an air dust cleaner to get the little dirt specs out of those between-the-keys nooks that are hard to reach. The same can be done for your mouse pad, too.


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Scrub Screen

Remember all that nastiness we imagined on your keyboard? All of those germs and bacteria touch your screen every time you close your laptop. If you use a touchscreen PC (or just touch your screen often), then all those germs on your hands are being transferred to your computer. To clean, power down your laptop or computer, then go over the screen with a microfiber cloth. If you want (or need), you can spray some cleaning solution on the screen and wipe it away using the microfiber cloth for a spotless shine.

messy desktop

Full File Cleanup

You KNOW it’s been ages since you’ve cleaned up your computer files. Start with your desktop. Files saved here are constantly running in the background. Think of it as the difference between starting up Microsoft Word and opening a new document. It’s a lot faster to open a document once Word is open than it is to start up the program. Likewise, files saved to the desktop open faster when prompted because they’re constantly running in the background.  If a file isn’t super necessary to be saved on the desktop, move its location or delete it entirely.

Now, take a look at your documents saved elsewhere. How many duplicates do you have? Multiple versions of the same file? Files downloaded from mom’s chain email that you never erased? Go through these, figure out what you need and don’t, and dispose of what’s no longer needed.

At this point, any files saved are important to you. Because of that, it’s important to back up your computer now. Get all those files archived on a cloud drive, a hard drive, a flash drive, or any combination of that. Many backup processes allow you to work on your computer while it’s saving your files, otherwise, run the backup right before bed so you wake up to a freshly-archived device. If that doesn’t work for you either, find a technical support (like Heart!) to assist you backup the files on your Mac.

clean computer

Install Updates

Installing updates are annoying. Your computer tends to run slower during download and install, and sometimes you have to completely restart your computer. When you’re in the middle of working on something, you don’t want to halt everything to get an update. Think of why these updates are created, though, and you’ll realize that you’re putting your computer and everything on it at risk the longer you wait. Before leaving on your lunch break, save everything and install those updates while you’re out of the office.

clean computer disk utility

Run Utilities 

After a rough winter, it’s nice to get your car a quality wash, wax, and polish. Similarly, your computer has gotten a quality wash inside and out, so you’ll want to polish it up. This is known as running utilities, and by doing so, you’re helping your computer run more efficiently. It deletes things like temporary Internet files and other bits that you haven’t opened in forever. If you have a PC, this is called a “disk cleanup,” while Mac users will look for the “Disk Utility” app in the applications panel. Techies will recommend running utilities monthly, but even doing so once a year will put you ahead of most.

we love apple

With these simple tricks that you can do today, you’ll improve your computer’s internal health and get your machine sparkling from the inside out. If you use a Mac or MacBook and are in need of assistance with backups, errors, or more, come to Heart Technologies! Our Apple certified staff use the same equipment as Apple to diagnose and repair your device. In fact, we’re the only Apple Authorized Service Provider in the Peoria area, meaning that we are the only company in the area that Apple trusts to properly service your devices. See what we do here and make sure you pick up your coupon before you drop off your Apple product!