Changes at Heart’s Headquarters

Heart Headquarters

Hooray! Over the last year, we’ve been making big adjustments to our Heart Technologies offices. In 2014 and 2015, our Decatur office got a makeover. Walls were repainted, decorative glass panels were installed, and the building was given a refresh to showcase what Heart Technologies as a brand feels like.

Heart has also had a growing presence in Springfield, and that in the last two years, we have re-solidified that commitment to joining the Springfield community. We purchased a building on 11th Street that is currently being given the special Heart touch. Heart’s lively bunch out of Springfield is eager to build and continue our relationships in this region and expand Heart’s reach. We hope to make this updated building feel warm and exciting, just like our Springfield staff.

Decatur OfficeDecatur Office

Lately, a lot of changes have been made to our headquarters in East Peoria, and we’re excited for the refresh! In 2015, we changed a training room that was getting little use into a NOC, or Network Operating Center, that allows our entire network team to be in one centralized area instead of spread throughout the building. This has allowed us to create better internal relationships, provide our employees with a space to call their own, and still gives our networking staff the ability to move to different parts of the building if they need.

In the past few months, Heart has been making changes to our outside appearance in East Peoria. In the fall, we repainted the outside of the building to cool grays and whites. This fits our brand style and gives a new life to the some formerly tired-looking bricks. New awnings were installed as well. Their metallic feel exudes the high-tech feel that is reflecting of the innovative solutions we provide.

Headquarters Banner Update

The new banner was installed as we left the office Friday afternoon. Monday morning, it was in place and looking great!

This weekend, a new banner was installed on our warehouse wall. Previously, the banner was adapted from a previous billboard advertisement. Though once fitting, the sign had become faded and was in need of replacement. Our new banner was installed on Friday, and we are excited to feature our newest campaign: We take technology to Heart.

Our next update is the light up sign that is visible from Main St. Be on the lookout for an updated display on your drive soon!