Best Business Apps

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Who says apps can’t help you get work done? With technology as our focus, Heart knows that apps can be used to increase productivity, open communication pathways, and get things done in the working world. There are so many business apps out there, and we’ve tried the majority of them. Here, we’ve compiled just a few of our favorite apps for business.

CardMunch: We all get business cards from people we network with, but what do you do with that information? Before, they may have just sat in a box on your desk collecting dust. Now, they can be imported into your contacts and added to your LinkedIn connections using the CardMunch app. Saving time and skipping steps to adding people to your professional circle? We’re all about it. For iOS.

yammerYammer: Group texts are handy, but they don’t have functionality to work seamlessly for business purposes. With Yammer, though, your group can share files and documents, send messages, assign tasks, and so much more. Yammer has tons of add-on apps that make it the best app for group tasks and group file-sharing. For iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

: Scanners are great, except for the fact that they aren’t portable. With CamScanner, take a picture of a document, and you’ve got an instant scan. Edit the scan to make it more readable, or flatten the image if the picture was taken from an angle. You can even add annotations and draw notes before saving it as a PDF for emailing. For iOS and Android.

My Secret Folder
: Odds are, you’ve downloaded a file or two to your iPhone that could be considered sensitive information. What if your phone was lost or stolen, and these files got in the hands of someone else? Worry no more, because My Secret Folder has this situation handled. Save the file to the password-protected folder in this app, and it will remain safe and secure there. If your phone is stolen, this app will also email you the GPS location and picture of the thief! For iOS only.