Do Staff Smartphones Put Medical Data at Risk?

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Investing in CIMS devices from Heart Technologies allows increased privacy and secure communications amongst hospital staff.

Is Medical Data a True Priority to Your Hospital Employees?

Recent surveys showed that IT executives in hospitals and other medical facilities worry about their staff using personal devices when dealing with medical data. Why do they worry? A number of reasons:

  1. Staff may lack adequate password protection.
  2. Devices may not possess security software to ward off or fight an attack.
  3. Staff may use unencrypted text messaging to share patient health information and other hospital communications, leading to HIPAA violations.
  4. Staff may connect to widely-used public WiFi and cellular networks that could easily compromise their device, including medical data and communications shared.

These reasons present real issues with the potential to truly damage or take down its medical facility. Is that worry–that risk–worth the cost savings hospitals may experience through BYOD policies?

Patients and executives agree that medical data confidentiality should be a top priority for hospitals and other medical facilities. If your hospital denies prioritizing this, your facility risks losing patients and running into legal concerns.

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How can you preserve your hospital’s reputation while allowing free flow of communication among staff members? Through integrated communications solutions like CIMS, provided by Heart Technologies. CIMS essentially amplifies the abilities of your nurse call system. This solution, custom created by Heart, combines the notifications of nurse call alerts with communication technology features we love, like instant (text) messaging, weather/safety alerts, and more. The devices remain on your premises. This lets no information leave your facility, while any cellular and Internet connections are done so through your protected networks. For more information on our CIMS solutions, see our informational post here.

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