Putting Your Health Tracker to Good Use

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Every Fitbit, Jawbone, and iWatch user is checking their steps, looking at their sleep patterns, and browsing other features custom to your health tracker. Besides looking at your tracker’s data, what are you doing with it? Probably nothing.

Have you ever considered that this collected data could be helpful to your healthcare provider? Seeing your consistent heart rates throughout the day, seeing an accurate picture of your daily activity regiment, and monitor your sleep schedule can give doctors the best picture of your overall health. Many people are not completely honest when speaking to the doctor about your overall health, but giving doctors access to your health tracker data could allow you to honestly give them necessary information without the feeling of pressure to say the right thing.

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From Apple website

Enter ResearchKit, an app from Apple. This app allows you to send your data to a doctor or researcher directly–Apple sees nothing–for their collection and analysis. Users can opt-out at any time. The information reported can be not only the information collected from the health tracker but also self-reported data, such as pain scale of today’s symptoms, GPS information, access to camera and microphone, etc.

The best part about this technology is that it was created as open source, meaning that anyone has access to it. It can also be modified or altered to better fit other competing platforms like Samsung, Android, or Google. These simple trackers make getting results back to doctors and researchers easier, more convenient, and possibly more accurate for are involved, and who wouldn’t want that?

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