Hospital Hackers


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If there’s one thing for sure, it’s this: Hackers have no boundaries.

When many of us think of hacking, we think of spying on webpages, stealing personal data, and spending incredible amounts of money on our bank accounts. As we know, though, hackers are targeting companies with huge databases to get the information they desire. It’s no longer small online stores and ticket websites. It’s banks, superstores, and hospitals. This means not only is your credit card information out there, but your insurance information, your medical records and history, and anything else that may have been documented during your hospital or doctor visit.

Healthcare Informatics sat down with CynergisTek’s CEO Mac Millan to talk about IT security in healthcare. His message was simple: For the best security and IT solutions in hospitals and healthcare facilities, it’s time to start outsourcing these services.

Think about when you went to school as a child. If you felt ill during the school day, you would go to the nurse. He or she would do a routine checkup, and if it was something more than an ice pack could fix, you’d be sent home with a parent or guardian. From there, they would take you to your pediatrician who would give you a proper diagnosis and plan of action to get better. In no time at all, you’re back at school running around on the playground.

medical data hackers

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This is the same approach we need to take when it comes to all businesses, especially healthcare. Many companies have one or two employees deemed the “technology gurus” at work that fix problems as they arise. Many times, these employees were not hired on for their tech savviness. Rather, it was discovered that they were good with the technology, and then became the go-to people when something malfunctions. While it is helpful to have someone on sight who knows how to perform basic troubleshooting and resetting, bigger issues require an expert.

Just like your school nurse (indirectly) called upon your pediatrician for help, your “tech guru” needs to call upon an outside source for the health and maintenance of your technology and devices.

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