Ups and Downs of Unified Communications


What can unified communications really do to benefit your business? Quite a lot, really. We’ve broken down what will boost and what will drop just for you, our valued audience members and current and potential customers.

The Ups

Have you been getting the most out of your devices? Probably not. Unified communications, or UC helps you out by taking the great features of all your devices and sync them together. Imagine what could happen if your calendar, email, work phone, smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablet could come together to make each day easier? That’s what UC does. For example, say you’re planning a meeting between you and two other coworkers. You can look at calendars to see when everyone is available, and send invites via email. They get notified via email and/or calendar app (depending on their settings) that goes to their desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Accepting or denying on one device clears the notification on all devices. Meeting at an offsite location? Your files and documents can sync on all your technology, so bring whatever device is most convenient for you. If you’re running late to the meeting, simply call your coworkers off your smartphone, and they will receive the call as if it was coming from your work telephone. A synchronized life allows everyone to spend less time on file transfers and updates and more time on what needs to be done.

UC can increase your employees’ productivity levels. Before UC, I would work on one computer, then transfer files via email or thumb drive to another computer to save them on a shared drive. Now that I am set up with UC, my files are saved to a cloud. This takes up virtually no space on my computer (fast processing for the win!), and is accessible on my desktop in the office, my laptop at home, my smartphone via an app, and my coworkers’ devices as well. This makes it so much easier to collaborate on projects, exchange documents, and share information amongst our department and different locations. Now that it takes a simple click to save my files to all of these locations, I have more time to get other things done. If something needs a last-minute edit, any team member has access to it to make the change if I am not available.

UC has the ability to encrypt files or drives, making sharing sensitive information extremely secure. To access the drives, via cloud or other methods, you probably have to type in a password, then files can be zipped with a password, and documents within the file can also be encrypted. Now, even though the information may be accessible on multiple devices, it still takes several barriers to get through to it. Pair that with our tips for strong passwords, and your information is almost impossible to decode.


The Downs

UC services can enhance your communications efforts at a lower cost than traditional methods. Voice and video being carried as data over your company’s one network instead of however many separate phone lines will not only ease your employees’ lives, but lower the company expenses as well. In addition, UC often comes with a predictable cost each billing period, making it easier on CFOs and other financial positions to budget and plan company finances.

Because everything is in one convenient location, this lowers frustration for all workers. There’s less digging around to find files. If something needs to be updated, such as a promotional flyer that sales agents use to promote the business, deleting it from the public drive and replacing it with the updated version means everyone now has the updated document and can no longer access the old version via public drive. Now, sales agents don’t need to search through past emails to find updated versions, and marketing employees don’t need to worry that the wrong materials are being used to promote and sell.

In the end, UC makes life simpler for all involved. If your company uses remote workers or large amounts of file and data sharing, UC is probably the right fit for you. All month long, we’ll be giving tips and advice on how to get the most out of UC, remote working, and office working. If you think UC is right for you, see Heart’s UC services for more details, and give us a call at (309) 427-7000.