Tis the Season for Holiday Technology Solutions

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The holidays are upon us, and with that, many changes. With so much excitement, why would your technology stay stagnant? It wouldn’t! Holiday technology solutions can be temporary or on a more permanent basis and can make a significant difference in your business this holiday season.


According to comScore, mobile Internet usage has almost quadrupled in the last four years. This means people more and more are using tablets and smartphones to conduct online searches, create accounts, and make purchases.
Holiday Technology – internet usage

The holidays also prompt people to search the Internet more and more as they research gifts and make purchases. According to comScore, July and December are the highest times for Internet usage for retail purposes. The graph below shows that 57% of online retail was searched on multiple platforms (meaning the visitor went to the website on a PC as well as a phone and/or tablet) while 21% of visitors went to websites purely on smartphones and/or tablets.

Holiday Technology - online retail stats

What does this mean to you? Think a little harder about the mobile online process. Mobile means smartphones and tablets. Although firewalls do exist for these devices, only about 14% of Americans install these proactive security apps on their phones. This means there is a high risk of your online visitors getting a virus or some form of malware. Now we’re in a real pickle. If the visitor is unaware of where the infection come where, he or she may assume it was from your website. Now you’ve lost a customer, and if they tell their friends, this could mean a loss of multiple customers. There is also the chance that, if things are aligned just so, the infected visitor could infect your website. It’s a small chance of that, but it is still possible.

What can you do? Make sure every inch of your website is ready for anything. Check that all website plugins are up-to-date. Verify that your website can handle an increase in visitors, and seek out help from a trained IT professional to make changes if necessary. Ensure that your web server is backed up and protected with the latest versions of all malware and firewalls for optimal protection.

holiday technology telephony

The holidays spark an increase in spending, and as a result, this can also mean an increase in phone calls received. This could be potential visitors calling for your hours, potential customers asking if you have something in stock, or current customers needing help with an issue. What if these people cannot reach you via telephone? They will assume you are closed, too busy to help, or don’t care to help them. This leads to a potential loss in business and/or a negative–and untrue–view of your company, which can motivate some to take to online sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook to voice their frustrations through negative reviews.

Telephony issues are simple to fix. First, test your phones to ensure that the sound quality is to your standards so that customers can clearly hold conversations with employees on the line. If the calls are not clear, contact your service provider. Also, if any phones begin malfunctioning or seem to be on their last leg, now is the time to upgrade to ensure that you are never out of contact for your customers.

holiday technology security

With holiday shoppers buzzing about, it won’t be surprising to see an influx of visitors this month. With more people comes more risk, though, and higher chance of burglary. Last year alone, retailers in North America took about a $40 billion hit due to shoplifters. What could those losses mean to your business?

The key is to have a quality security system in place. Some fear or shy away from security systems because they are wary of the cost. This isn’t the best way of thinking though. Consider these statistics, though: 1 in 11 Americans is a shoplifter. The average shoplifter steals merchandise between $2-$200 per theft and shoplifts 1-2 times each week. This shows that your business is at high risk of being burglarized. Installing a security system not only helps ward off shoplifters, it also protects your customers and employees from potential violent attacks or threats. Keeping your merchandise, your workers, and your customers safe puts everyone at ease. Now, customers can focus on your products while employees can make your customers’ needs their priority.

If your company is in need of cybersecurity, telephony, or security needs, Heart Technologies may be the right place for you! Check out our solutions here, then give us a call at 877.494.3278 today.