Thankful for Technology: Increases Productivity


An essential part of a happy existence is recognizing the good around you. While we celebrate all that we have to be thankful for this month, we first look at the reason our company exists: technology. There are so many amazing features of technology that we take for granted each and every day, and it’s because of technology that we all are able to enjoy the quality of live we have. For the next week, we’ll be looking at the wonderful things technology allows us to do that we take advantage of every day.


Technology increases our productivity.

Technology makes our lives easier, which in turn increases our productivity. Probably the easiest way that technology helps us increase our productivity at work is through collaborative software. Having one program that the entire company uses to serve your customers streamlines productivity like you wouldn’t believe. For example, Heart uses one program to store our customer information and tasks. If a customer calls for assistance, it is reported in our system, creating what we call a ticket. As Heart technicians work with you, notes are taken throughout the process. Your technician says that he or she is working on the problem, so no one else tries to work on an issue already being addressed. Notes are taken throughout the assistance process to help the next technician in the case of future issues. Once the issue has been resolved, the ticket is closed, letting all know that the issue is no longer in need of attention. Each ticket is visible to our customer, so they may see what the status of their ticket is. Authorized employees may also have access to see ticket statuses to act as a checks and balances with our technicians, ensuring that all problems are resolved in a timely manner.

Technology also makes it easy to track and access information. As previously stated, our customer information is securely stored in one location, meaning that if any authorized Heart employee needs a customer’s contact information, it is easily accessible in our database. Because all tickets are documented with names, times, and notes, this information can be used to analyze each employee’s performance. This can also be used to notice trends. For example, by looking at the data from tickets, such as how long each employee takes to resolve certain issues, it can be determined who is best to address specific issues. For example, Ted may have originally been hired on for his expertise in one specific field, but we find that Ted can fix another unrelated issue faster than anyone else. This information can be used in the future. Ted can assist by taking these tickets when others are swamped, or Ted can help other coworkers learn how to quickly resolve these issues. It may even be the best fit to have Ted be the main employee to fix these issues. In any of these scenarios, the entire team’s productivity increases because of their use of technology.


With remote working technologies, your productivity skyrockets. Before, if you were stuck somewhere during work hours, you lost that work time. Now, you can work anywhere with an Internet connection, whether it’s a public WiFi or your own personal hotspot (NOTE: Beware of your activity on public WiFi networks. Learn more). Need to get your car serviced? Bring your laptop and twinned mobile phone. You can now answer your emails, plan your proposals with coworkers via a cloud-based service, and receive work calls all while you get your oil changed or your tires rotated. Do you need to stay home with your sick child? Don’t use up a valuable sick day! Using your remote capabilities, now you can get all your work done while being there for your child if he or she needs anything.

Technology can also provide you with the level of support you need. Outsourcing your IT and technology needs to a qualified provider will allow your employees to stay focused on the tasks that will help your business thrive. Leave the technology to the experts. If you’re in need of technology support to improve your productivity, Heart can help! See what solutions we provide, and call us at 877.494.3278 to see all that is in store for you.