Thankful for Technology: Encouraging Progress

An essential part of a happy existence is recognizing the good around you. While we celebrate all that we have to be thankful for this month, we first look at the reason our company exists: technology. There are so many amazing features of technology that we take for granted each and every day, and it’s because of technology that we all are able to enjoy the quality of live we have. For the next week, we’ll be looking at the wonderful things technology allows us to do that we take advantage of every day.

technology moving forward

Technology keeps us pushing forward.

The dynamic nature of technology is something completely of its own. A piece of technology–a laptop, a phone, a server–seem like such a static figure from its appearance. Take a quick look inside, though, and you’ll see dozens of tiny pieces working together to make it function properly. Yet it’s simple things like a phone, a laptop, or a server that are making our world better, smarter, faster. Those tiny moving pieces band together to make something bigger, which bands together with other things and ideas to create something better yet.

Our technology works to support progress. You can use technology to reach out to the public via the Internet. People from anywhere in the world can find your website and learn more. You can use technology to reach out to potential customers. Call them and schedule a meeting, email a proposal, or send text notifications and reminders to your clients. You can even use technology to stay informed and learn the latest industry trends. Technology can help you know what to be on the look out for, and what direction your industry is going in. Technology provides us with the tools we need to keep our businesses moving forward and continue growth.


Technology also gives us a platform to be progressive in our thoughts and opinions. There are now so many more platforms for anyone to share their message, share their ideas, share their opinions, and share their information. This allows us to build upon our own ideas, think of things in a different way, change our thoughts, or reinforce our own perspectives and stances. You can use technology to broadcast an idea, for example, and others can build upon that idea, question aspects of the issue, give additional feedback, etc. This idea is now polished until it shines, and all because technology provided the platform for good ideas to be obtained by great minds and refined to the best final product possible.

These brilliant minds also come together to create better technology and improve our quality of life. Each piece of technology has been created to make the human existence easier, more enjoyable. That’s why polio is no longer a health concern for most American. That’s why we don’t still use typewriters. That’s why there’s multiple versions of every device known to man. Using technology, everything is constantly evolving, changing, improving in order to better our lives. I bet that once-stagnant technology is looking more dynamic right about now.

technology mouse

In conclusion, technology is constantly altering in order to continue our growth and progression into the future. If you’re in need of technology to take your business to the next level, look to Heart. Visit our solutions page, and call us at 877.494.3278.