Should We Hang Up on the Idea of Office Phones?

Office Phones - Hang Up or Hang On

Office phones have been on the decline since 2008. For many businesses, they believe that switching to communications systems that integrate your employees’ smartphones and other devices. Understandably so, really. According to Pew Research, about 64% of American adults own a smartphone. These phones offer so many features and capabilities that can keep your employees connected at all times. Apps now can scan PDFs to send via email or fax, open spreadsheets and documents with instant editing and sharing, synchronize calendars, video conference, update company social media networks, and so much more. The average American spends about 2.5 hours each day on their smartphones alone. It seems silly not to rid ourselves of office phones and opt for mobile devices instead.

Not so fast, though. There are some reasons to keep those office phones around, and not just for nostalgia.

Office Phones – Lunch Meeting

Back in the days before smartphones, you could leave the office and have that be the end of your work day. You could go out to lunch and hey, eat lunch! Not take a call from a client. Not check your email three times before you get your drink. Just sit down, eat some food, and enjoy the company you’re with. With phone mobility, you can go out to lunch or on a vacation and still be connected to work.

With an office phone, you have one solid piece of technology that can you can use for work purposes only, and one smartphone for personal use. I, for instance, do not have my phone synched up to my work phone, so unless I am in the office, I cannot receive phone calls for work. For me, I enjoy having it this way. My work stays at work, and I have the ability to use my personal time to do what I want and focus on my personal life. This gives me the opportunity to have some disconnect, and I have found that this has given me a true work-life balance, a concept that seems to be fading from  our lives rapidly.

This also gives me the opportunity to really connect with the people I spend my time with, for work purposes or otherwise. My job requires me to meet with marketing professionals at other companies to talk about sponsorship opportunities, advertising opportunities, partnerships, and so on. When I leave the office for these meetings, I don’t listen to my voicemail. I can’t answer another call. My only focus is the person I am meeting with and the dialogue we partake in. For me, this is what good customer service looks like, and I am proud to be able to display this positive image of how Heart cares for others each and every time I meet with someone new.

If mobility is something you need or even just something you want, go for it! Job needs shift from position to position. Achieving great customer service and focusing on the people you’re with is still completely possible with collaborative communication services. I’m simply here to say that a true, physical office phone isn’t a bad thing. Having one place to focus on your professional life and productivity has been extremely beneficial for me personally, and having a bit of separation from my career outside of the office has allowed me to take advantage of the hours I put in in the office. The best advice is to see what works for you, and take it from there.



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