Introducing Your Seven Sins of IT

seven sins of IT

We all know the seven deadly sins, but do we realize that there are vices in every practice we do? Regardless of the activity, there are behaviors we need to avoid in order to accomplish what we choose to. In this series, we will take a look at this idea from an information technology perspective.

Whether your business is blooming or you are well-established, all can benefit from a lesson in IT do’s and do not’s. These behaviors do not only affect your business technology, but it can impact your business as a whole: gaining new customers, keeping current clientele, retaining hardworking employees, and growing wealth. Introducing Seven Sins of IT.

For the next two weeks, Heart Technologies will be giving you a look at what aspects can break your company’s technology solutions.  Throughout this series, you will see that IT mistakes can affect many aspects of your company as well as learn how to ensure these business blunders are avoided or resolved.

If you’re wanting to know where your IT can be lacking and/or what to look for in IT solutions, stay with us as we discuss what you need to be looking for to make your IT shine.