Cybersecurity: Why It Matters That You Care


The computer is the portal into our world, but it can also be bringing unwanted lurkers inside our private information.

Cybersecurity is booming. If you work in the technology industry, follow technology news, or, likely, if you whisper the word “technology,” you will be bombarded with information about online hackers, account safety, privacy, and cybersecurity. This gets exhausting. When we are constantly inundated with information about the same topic over and over again, regardless of how important it is, we lose interest. In my opinion, this is how cybersecurity is becoming. If we continue to push and push and preach the dangers of cybersecurity, are we going to lose their interest? How can we get the message across without wearing down the audience?

You have to come at it from different angles. Yes, scare tactics can work, but it’s not going to hit 100% of the audience 100% of the time. The best example of this is Truth anti-smoking campaigns. Their promotions have gone from serious videos of kids removing parts of their bodies for cigarettes to nail stickers with anti-smoking promotions to songs about “swiping right” on pictures of smokers on dating apps. The message hasn’t changed, but the methods of doing so have done so effectively.

Browsing through a newsfeed over the weekend, I stumbled across this story:

cybersecurity kids website

From tumblr: funnystories

While this is entertaining, this also shows the importance of cybersecurity. If you use an easy-to-decode password, this can happen. If your security question is not descriptive enough, this can happen. If you choose to not use two-factor authentication when it is a possible security option, this can happen. While in this case, all that was stolen was meaningless cyber furniture and decor, but now, as adults,  these cyber-objects are now bank accounts, insurance accounts, and other personal accounts for which hackers could greatly impact our lives and our family’s lives.

So how do we combat this? How do we stress the importance of cybersecurity without chasing the audience away? We must find new ways to attract the audience, to obtain their attention and make them understand. For some, scare tactics are enough, but for others, the answer may be in comedy, in sarcasm, in celebrity endorsement, or in a bandwagon appeal. The trick is going to be to find ways to get reaction from the audience and see what makes the most impact. Get creative on how to sell the end goal and figure out which method works best. In the end, the way we get there isn’t what’s important, it’s that we get there.

VPN and Cybersecurity

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