What You Need To Know About Malware

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We fear malware. This software that is designed to harm or completely disable your systems can be harmful for anyone or any business. So if or when malware is detected, it may seem typical to run from malware. The reaction reminds me of this scene from “Monsters, Inc.”

Source: Docter, P., & Silverman, D. (Writers). (2001). Monsters, Inc. [Motion picture]. USA: Disney Pixar.

It turns out, though, that this may not be the correct answer. When looking at how to properly approach the situation, Sean Martin, an information security veteran, states the following:

“’Since keeping things running is a top priority, companies have gotten in the habit of identifying malware and immediately re-imaging the systems that have been infected so they can be brought back online,’ says Ralph Pisani, executive vice president of Field Operations at Exabeam. ‘Malware is a sign of something bad happening — companies shouldn’t be so quick to eliminate this important clue that could help them piece together the cyber kill chain. Malware is not the end; it’s often the beginning. It’s critical to know what users did before the malware was detected and where they went after the infection.'”

The quote mentions the importance of knowing what the user was doing prior to the infection being detected.  This is not to say that the system was intentionally hacked. Perhaps it was an infected link that was accidentally clicked, or the virus may have been opened through a (seemingly) harmless email attachment.

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If you are concerned about vicious attacks on your computer systems, the precautions for protecting yourself are probably already known. Always open attachments with caution, and never open an attachment from a website you do not fully trust. Investigate your source’s security before downloading and opening. Avoid suspicious websites, and check for the “s” after “http” in the web address. As always, be sure that you have a quality antivirus program in place and that it is installed, maintained, and updated as necessary.

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Flickr: EFF Photos

Flickr: EFF Photos