Tell-Tale Signs That You’ve Been Hacked


Your computer can be hacked at any time. There are several warning signs that can tell you if someone has unauthorized access to your accounts.

Online/Virtual Breaches

  • You’ve been locked out of your account.
  • Emails about changes to your account that you did not authorize.
    • Password changes.
    • Check-ins on different computers.
    • Activity at abnormal times of day.
  • Sent messages folders from email or social media accounts are deleted.
  • Messages appear in your sent messages or draft folders that you did not write.
  • Friends tell you they’ve received messages from you that you didn’t send.
  • Your Internet browser is redirecting your online searches to other websites.
  • You are getting frequent browser popups.
  • Your computer mouse moves between windows despite you not touching the mouse.

Financial Breaches

  • You notice unauthorized or unexplained account withdrawals.
  • Certain bills stop arriving.
  • You receive correspondence that your account activity is abnormal.
  • Your credit and/or debit card has been declined.
  • Unfamiliar information appears on your credit report.
  • The IRS contacts you about a W-2 or 1099 form that you did not fill out.

Throughout the month, we’ll be giving you helpful tips and tricks on how to improve your security. Stay tuned!