Surveillance Shifts in Senior Living

Senior Living Surveillance

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From the time you were born and couldn’t even hold up your head on your own, your parents were there. They held you as you cried, fed you when you were hungry, provided you with shelter and clothing, taught you how to survive, and nurtured you. As we age, though, our parents age, too. Often times, it becomes the responsibility of the child to care for the parents, and in some cases, it is not possible for the child to properly do so. These parents are moved into assisted living or senior living homes. These facilities pledge to provide the care and nurturing that children would feel their parents deserve.

Unfortunately, some people don’t feel that the facility taking care of their parents with the level of care and consideration that was originally portrayed and therefore expected. This may be due to neglect, inappropriate attention, violence, or other forms of mistreatment.

Senior Living Surveillance

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Whether you feel that your facility may not be providing your parent with proper care or any other reason or if you have in-home care and feel like the top medical alert systems aren’t enough, legislation has been created to allow families more freedoms when it comes to resident room surveillance. The Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act, also known as Senate Bill HB2462, was passed in August of this year. This legislation states that senior living facilities are required to allow surveillance cameras to be installed in residents’ rooms. All aspects of this law will take affect on January 1, 2016. These cameras may record video and audio and may run at whatever frequency is desired, as long as no still-shot images are taken. These recordings may be used as evidence in court cases if deemed relevant to the case. There is a catch, though, and that is that these devices are to be purchased and maintained by the families only.

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Senior Living Surveillance

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