Simple Cybersecurity Measures For Any Business

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According to a 2015 press release by Small Business Committee, 71% of cyber attacks occur at business consisting of less than 100 employees. Does your business fall into this category? If so, you could be next!

No one wishes for their company to be attacked. Thankfully, taking the proper steps helps prevent malicious online activity. Keep in mind that these are not fool-proof. The only way to avoid cyber attacks is to not be online. However, in today’s day and age, lacking an online presence fails for most businesses. Without a website and social media presence, your company’s credibility diminishes greatly. Therefore, businesses need to take the proper steps to ensure maximum safety capability.

Step One: Utilize as few devices at a time as possible.

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When a device remains disconnected from the Internet, the ability to hack that device becomes challenging. When that device is not powered on, it becomes even more difficult to hack. That’s why Heart recommends you always ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Does this device need to be powered on right now?
  2. Is it necessary that this device be connected to the Internet right now?
  3. What happens if this device gets hacked?
  4. Can we proactively do anything to keep this device safe?

By going through this checklist with every device and as often as possible, you increase your cyber security. Knowing that only things that need to be connected are can create safer storage of your important files and data. Implementing a plan if any device gets hacked as well as measures to take to prevent a cyber attack provides added peace of mind, too.

Step Two: Install and update security patches.

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As a business, your IT is essential, but all roles in your company must take cyber security to heart. Increase your business’ cybersecurity by ensuring that all employees are aware of how to properly maintain their devices. Flickr: WOCintech

One of the wonderful things about small business technology is its compactness. With all infrastructure being contained so closely, the application and updates of security patches occurs quickly.

While you may still rely on  individuals to keep their business technology devices up to date on software and operating systems, this improves the overall health of all technology on a macro level. Ensuring that all employees know how to properly care for their business devices and follow company protocol becomes essential in preserving your business security digitally.

Step Three: Have a Backup Plan.

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Maintain a secure storage solution for your business files. Flickr: Jorge Gonzales

Your business needs secure off-site backups. Accidents happen. Disasters happen. Life happens. Your business must prepare for these incidents. By using secure backups at an off-site location, all of your important information is safely stored at an additional location as well as on your local servers. If your company server is hacked, your files remain safe. If a tornado strikes your building, you’re covered.

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