Why Your Privacy Settings Matter

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Browsing through my news feed, I found a Mashable article called “7 Things You Didn’t Know You Agreed to in the Terms of Service.” This article dives into the details of the terms of service we all sign off on but (probably) never read. This article opened my eyes to realize that we neglect a lot of what we sign off on out of pure laziness.

Once again perusing through the daily feed of news, I found an article from Kaspersky titled “Stop iOS Tracking.” This article shows exactly where in your iPhone (or any Apple device, probably) to adjust your GPS/location settings. Shocking barely begins to describe how at risk you realize your privacy is.

Why does privacy matter?

If you think like me, you probably neglect privacy settings because “you have nothing to hide.” I don’t involve myself in illegal activities. I rarely make immoral decisions. I don’t post about controversial topics on social media, and to be honest, I don’t often speak about them in general. Having grown up in the digital age, I am aware of the repercussions to posting without thinking, and I keep that in the back of my mind at all times.

My generation is also known for being “selfish” or “lazy.” The characteristics my generation possesses may contribute to the problem. We want people to know everything we’re doing at all times, even if it’s Instagramming a picture of my breakfast smoothie bowl or Snapchatting my snoozing cat on the living room carpet.

We also lack the energy to care. We’ve got enough going on between work, school, and social life. We don’t have time to dig down and investigate what we’re agreeing to when we create a Facebook account. We grew up knowing that if we had a question, we could simply type it into Google and get an immediate response. Why take the time now when it can be investigated later?

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It’s the little things you don’t think of, though, and that is what ultimately puts you at risk. Posting where you are at on vacation seems harmless. To the bratty punk that has been breaking into houses in the neighborhood, though, this is the perfect opportunity. Taking a moment to think about your privacy before posting and/or adjusting your settings to reflect what you really want to be sharing with everyone could mean a world of difference.

This weekend, you’ll likely have some free time. I challenge you to reevaluate your technology. Go through the settings on all social media accounts and your devices. Figure out what you still give your approval on and what needs to be changed. Take the steps to make these changes, and improve your chances of a safer future.

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