How Much is Your Hacked Account Worth?

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Scanning through my daily newsfeed, my eyes swept to a Sophos article titled “What your hacked account is worth on the Dark Web.” This concept weighs on my mind from time to time. Perhaps it’s come to your mind as well. We constantly hear about hackers breaking into accounts on this site or cyber criminals gaining access to accounts on that site. What is the reason for this? Do hackers really want my Netflix password or other account logins? For what purpose?

Why hack an account?

Hackers steal information for contest. You’re right–they probably won’t do anything with your Twitter account information, but acquiring X amount of logins serves as the true motivation for a hacker’s actions. Cyber hackers looking to hack networks to make profit still exist. Large-scale account hacks–like massive Facebook login breaches, for example–usually are for sport.

Some cyber criminals will even pay for your account information. In fact, LogDog, an online security management company, listed the costs to purchase one hacked account on each website in a recent publication:

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There are things everyone can do to improve their cybersecurity, such as strong passwords and two-factor authentication. We see a great importance in preserving our cybersecurity, and with hacks becoming a regular nuisance, it now becomes a necessity. If you own a business, you know the value in keeping your important data private and secure.

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