How Many Businesses are Prepared for IoT Threats?


Computer Weekly released that recent survey results indicate only 34% of businesses are prepared for IoT threats. Why does this matter to your company?

First, we must have a background knowledge of what IoT is. If you’re a little confused, check out our blog explaining this recent technology trend. IoT essentially covers any devices that utilize Internet capabilities. These devices, though trendy right now, show no signs of dying out any time soon. In fact, IoT devices continue to rise in popularity and usage, so it remains no wonder that these technologies are being integrated into business.

This issue lies, however, in how to secure these devices. Cisco, a leading technology innovator, believes over 50 billion IoT devices will be used in business within the next four years. That’s a lot of technology, and also a lot of chances for IoT threats to seep into your servers and collect your private information. IoT threats such as shadow IT already exist with some awareness amongst the tech-savvy. However, the name of these threats may not spark people to realize that this puts your devices at risk, not just your company server.

IoT devices at work

Flickr: Marcus Brown

For example, your Echo tower from Amazon may currently reside on your desk at work. It plays Pandora music, answers questions, and causes no harm. However, if your company WiFi goes under attack, your Echo is at risk. All the information, asked questions, stored data and more may now be compromised.

If your company is allowing IoT (or may in the future–which let’s face it, your company will), then a solid IoT security plan is necessary. If only there was a local business that could assist in the creation and execution of such a plan…

There is! Heart Technologies, serving central Illinois for almost 30 years, specializes in cybersecurity plans and services that will fit your business needs. Give us a call at 877.494.3278 for more information.