Go Go Gadget Safety!

Summer is a time to be outside and enjoy the world around us, but that’s not to say that technology can’t be a part of that! We’ve listed some cool safety gadgets that you can use all summer long. Each gadget also has cool safety features that will keep you and your family safe no matter what you’re doing.



There is a 1 in 50 chance that your house will have a break-in, and when you’re out and about this summer, your house may be at risk. Enter FakeTV, a nightlight-type tool that simulates a 27″ LCD TV screen. After plugging it in and setting it up, this device produces the same sort of light emission that a real TV makes, making it look like someone is home watching TV. FakeTV can mimic the effects of scene changes, color shifts, and motion on-screen. This gadget can be set on a timer when you’re away and uses the same amount of electricity as a nightlight, making it easy on your wallet and your green footprint. FakeTV costs $25-$40 with free shipping online, or you can buy it in local hardware stores.




Toddler Tag Child Locator
At fireworks shows, town festivals, or block parties, it’s more difficult to keep track of your kids. Bright lights and amusement around every corner can distract young kids, and before you know it, he or she is running towards the bouncy house and away from Mom and Dad. Thankfully, there’s Toddler Tag Child Locator, a GPS tracking device for kids. Think of it as a revamped version of the child leash: this tag attaches to your child’s shoe or belt loop and tells you when he or she has wandered farther than 30 feet away. Toddler Tag has no monthly fee, and costs only $30 plus shipping.


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SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Messenger
One of the best things about the summer months is that the weather is (usually) warm and perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Getting out into the woods and becoming one with nature is a big appeal, but you may not want to be completely cut off from the outside world, for emergency purposes or otherwise. Spot Satellite Messenger is a safe and simple way to stay on the map even when you’re off the beaten path. Spot keeps you constantly connected via its satellite tracker, so you can send SOS messages, tell a loved one you’re safe, or send any custom message. Spot pairs with Google Maps, so family and friends can track your signal making home never too far away. Spot is available at Peoria’s Bass Pro Shop or Gander Mountain, or you can buy online ($150) with a 50% off rebate.







UV SunSense Wristbands
Nothing can spoil a fun day in the sun like a bad sunburn that night. With these simple paper wristbands, similar to those you get at waterparks, you’ll be able to tell when you should put on more sunscreen or get out of the sun entirely by the changing color of the band. Each box contains seven one-time use bracelets, and run about $8 on Amazon. Bye-bye, sunburn!



These are just a few of the many technology treats that can make your summer the best one yet. With these gadgets, you can rest easy that you and your family can enjoy your summer without worry of safety.