Defining Your Cloud Strategy

defining cloud strategy

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If you’re planning on implementing cloud services, having a defined strategy for cloud usage is imperative to ensuring your organization’s cybersecurity. Regardless of what type of cloud you are using, improper use of clouds can cause major issues for your career, for your clients, and your organization.

Cybersecurity is not something people take lightly. With just a few pieces of information, hackers can not only get your information from the hacked data but use that collected info to hack other accounts. For example, although we know it is not wise to use the same password for multiple accounts, many of us do that for ease of remembering. Many of us also make passwords based on our name, birthday, or other basic information about ourselves. Because of that, if a hacker gets just a few tidbits about you, they can have access to things like your email, social media accounts, online banking, and more.

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That being said, having a sound strategy in place should be high on your priority list. If this is your first dive into cloud computing, then strategy creation, great! This is the best time to build a strategy and implement it with the cloud computing training. If you already have an existing cloud computing service but lack a strategy, now is the time to design a plan that will ensure your cloud is secure and files are safe.

Define what the cloud is to be used for.

Where to start:

  • Why is there a cloud?
  • What is to be put in the cloud?
  • What is not appropriate to save to or share in the cloud?
  • How does one properly use the cloud, and what practices are not acceptable?
  • With whom can you share the cloud information with?
  • What information can be shared, and what should remain confidential?
  • If you have issues, questions, or concerns, who should they seek for assistance?

Make it clear what cloud usage should result in.

Where to start:

  • What are you expecting to achieve from cloud usage?
  • Are there any goals set for the cloud? List them.
  • How will you achieve these goals?
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