Cloud Types: The Public Cloud

the public cloud

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It’s clear that cloud computing isn’t going anywhere. With the expansion of its capabilities, there is a solution for anyone and any business. When choosing the cloud solution that is right for your organization, do you know what is the right fit for you? For some, a public cloud solution may be the right choice.

What is a public cloud? The public cloud is owned by a cloud provider and makes all of your files and information accessible over the Internet. This information is accessible to the general public or a large group. All of your information is stored in one cloud that is shared with many others. Because of this, it is important to keep things organized on public clouds; this includes access control privileges and encryption.

public cloud

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Public clouds have a lot to offer. Because your information is stored as a part of a bigger cloud, it can be a cost effective option. It is an off-site storage system that you are leasing. This means there is no cost for purchasing and installing the hardware necessary to have a cloud system in-house, and no physical space used in your office. Management, maintenance, and upkeep expenses are also eliminated. Since it is offsite, public clouds can also be faster to implement into your business model.

However, a public cloud is still public, so necessary security precautions are imperative. When selecting a public cloud provider, it is in your best interest to do deep investigation to ensure you are using a reliable source. In any case, if you need to store highly confidential information, a public cloud is not your best option.

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The use of a public cloud for business is dependent upon what you’re going to store in the cloud. For example, if your company provides free materials, such as a Creative Commons stock photos, complimentary workout guides, or white pages, then a public cloud may be the ideal fit for you. If these files get hacked into or leaked, it matters little because they were free anyways. There is minimal damage to having these files leaked.

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