Cloud Services In a Nutshell

Cloud Services
Cloud services, from communication to data storage, is a great solution that can be customized to fit any size business. No matter what you use it for, cloud services provide you with the following:

  • Quality service
  • Rapid speed
  • User-friendly experience, regardless of technical knowledge
  • Ability to have as much or as little control of your service/maintenance as possible.
  • Safekeeping of your contacts and dataCloud Services


Cloud Services

If you’re looking for ways to improve your business, cloud services is a great place to start. Being able to store files, documents, and images in the cloud makes it easy to access work materials from anywhere. It also makes file sharing amongst coworkers extremely simple. We’ve all tried to send files and been rejected by our email provider because it was over 25 KB. With the cloud, simply tell your coworker where the file is on the cloud server, and it’s instantly shared and updated. Having the latest version of every document increases efficiency and keeps the whole team updated, regardless of where they are located at.
Cloud Services


By using a cloud service provider, this gives your IT staff more time to focus on other business issues. It seems that every day we are hearing a new case of cybersecurity breaches or Internet hacks. The Internet is becoming a hazardous place if the appropriate measures are not being taken to stay safe. Using cloud services means less to focus on with file sharing or  communications issues and more time to devote to keeping your business safe. Less time on mundane tasks and fixing issues and more time devoted to strategizing and creating innovative solutions to your business weaknesses will inspire your IT team and improve morale.

Cloud Services

Newsflash: Cloud usage is going nowhere. It has been shown time and time again to be a beneficial business investment. Because the cloud is easy to use, it is an ideal system for businesses. Regardless of a person’s technologic abilities, he or she can quickly learn to use the cloud. Hosted communication also makes keeping in contact with coworkers and clients a breeze with enhanced mobility features. No wonder businesses are raving about it!  
Cloud Services


Cloud services is all about unification. By running everything on one server, this cuts costs. What could you do with those extra funds? Chances are, there are some updates that could be made to the office, some employees who have earned a raise, or a nonprofit organization your company is passionate about that could use a donation. No matter, cloud services can save you money, and with its multitude of benefits, it can help you make more money as well.

If cloud services is something you’re interested in, trust Heart to get you started with the perfect solution customized to your business needs. Check out our communications services for more information, and give us a call at 309.427.7000 to schedule your cloud services discovery session.

Thanks to OracleSilicon Angle, and Ring Central for these statistics about cloud services in the business world today.