Can Firewalls Leave You Running For Cover?

Firewalls protect against all cyber attacks.

True or False?


FALSE. So many companies believe that this is all that’s required for cybersecurity, and it’s a costly mistake.

Firewalls filter traffic and act as a barrier to many harmful viruses that your computer or other devices may have otherwise received. However, firewalls are not the end all/be all of intrusion protection. Firewalls cannot adequately protect against business logic and  custom code vulnerabilities, SQL injections, and other potential threats that you may come across online. These programs need to be viewed as a temporary fix rather than a permanent solution for cybersecurity.

Protecting your technology requires a little more effort. By creating several barriers of protection between your sensitive information and the unknown, the better. There are comprehensive security options out there, and Heart can help you find the perfect solution. Our website highlights many security services we provide on our Security and IT Networking pages to get you started. For your custom security solution, send us a message or call us at 309.427.7000 to set up a discovery session and find the perfect fit for your company.