Automation: Victory Through Video Surveillance

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Video surveillance has been around for decades. The footage collected from cameras have become evidence in numerous court cases, have been the smoking gun for prosecutors to make arrests, have saved accused citizens from being charged with crimes they did not commit, and have brought to light what exactly occurred in a non-biased format. According to Security System News, 68% of businesses plan to use security cameras on location. That means just under 1/3 of companies don’t feel they need video surveillance, and just over 2/3 plan to install cameras. This raises a few questions: How many businesses are currently using surveillance cameras? Why do some companies not feel they need video security? What can show these businesses that there is value in video?

First, let’s get the predictable out of the way: video surveillance is great to have when you need to review something. For example, if there is a break-in or robbery, being able to look back at the tapes and turn that footage into the police can be extremely helpful. By having multiple cameras and/or views of every part of your location, including outside near entrances and exits, you can improve your chances of catching wrong-doers in the act.


If you believe some suspicious activity may be happening, this can also be deciphered. For example, let’s say your door access says someone went into the office on Saturday at 10AM. Why is someone going in on a day when there is no work? You can use recordings to figure out if an employee is coming in to grab their cell phone, which was accidentally left in their desk, or if someone has returned to the office to steal Lysol wipes–or worse. Research done in 2015 found that $42 billion was stolen from businesses last year, and of that, 43% (or $18,060,000,000) was embezzled from employees. With employees knowing there is video recording the business, they are much less likely to swipe money or other items.

With today’s IoT devices booming, these capabilities are translating to business technology as well, more specifically, in video surveillance. Camera recordings can be accessed remotely via smartphone, tablet, or computer. The method of accessing these streamed videos varies depending on your device provider and how you are accessing the video. However, with more and more physical features being added to cameras, such as speakers, scent expellers, and object dispensers, as well as capabilities, like video overlay with timestamps and motion detection and alerts, we can be sure that these abilities will be integrated into business surveillance cameras as well.


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