Automation: Remote Access Simplicity

automation remote access

Image adapted from Shaefer Pacada.

IoT is blowing up so much because it integrates all of your gadgets and gizmos via Internet connection. Now, you can do so many basic tasks from remote locations, from drawing the blinds to turning on lights to recording a television program. With the tap of a screen, the world gets simpler, thanks to a little thing called automation. So why would we restrict the ease of automation to only homes? By including automation into your business’  technology plan, you can not only increase productivity but also lower costs. Throughout the week, we’ll discuss several ways how automation can benefit your company, starting today with the concept of remote access.

Automation Remote Access

An easy way to integrate automation is through remote access. Allowing employees a way to get into the building outside of office hours can be a huge assist for all. Need to stay after hours for a late-night delivery or appointment? Now, that’s possible. Did you forget your cell phone on your desk? Run back to the office and grab it using your remote access capabilities. This can save time and reduce stress for employees.

For example, let’s say you have to drive to Chicago on Thursday for a client meeting at 10 AM. You are in the office Wednesday, prepping everything, and amidst the hustle and bustle, you leave the proposal on your desk. Without remote access, you are stuck stressing all night, most likely affecting your sleep. Then you must get to the office early so that as soon as the door is opened, you may sprint to your desk, grab the proposal, and make a mad dash for the car. Now, you are making a decent drive at speeds of 70+ miles per hour on minimal sleep. Stress is through the roof because you’re racing the clock to get there on time, you’re trying to keep your eyelids from growing heavy, and simultaneously running over your pitch again and again. Instead, if you had remote access, you could have ran to the office at 8:30 last night, grabbed the proposal, maybe gotten an ice cream cone (because who doesn’t love ice cream?), gotten to bed at a decent time, and had a safe, stress-free ride north in the morning. Which sounds better to you?

automation remote access

Remote access goes beyond door clearance. Remote access can also mean being able to access work files, emails, and more when you’re outside of the office. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2014, 80.1% of families had at least one working parent. If you have a young child who becomes sick, you have to take a sick day to care for him or her. As that parent’s employer, you are now one worker short. Instead, by giving this working parent remote access, he or she can work from home and care for the child. This allows employees to keep their sick days for when they are actually ill, and keeps the business running with as many people working as possible.

Remote access is also really useful for overall morale. The concept of offices is to have everyone in one centralized location. In theory, it’s a great idea: You need something, that person is just down the hall. However, it doesn’t take into account that we are humans, and not all humans get along at all times. We all have different personalities–different quirks–and these differences don’t jive 100% of the time. Sometimes its the sound of the printer constantly running off pages and pages of contracts. In other cases, you can’t stand listening to the guy in the next cubicle’s nonstop oldies playlist (I mean, there’s only so much “Surfin’ USA” one person can stand). In other cases, it may not be anything to do with you, but the disagreements between others that then affects you by being exposed to it. Allowing employees the opportunity to separate from the office atmosphere without separating from their workload can be what people need to regain sanity and relax without losing the workforce a company needs to thrive.

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