The Number One Rule to Follow in Remote Teamwork

Remote Teamwork

Working remotely can be tricky on its own, and with remote teamwork, there is an added level of complexity. At Heart, we understand that, but with this one key piece of advice, your team can obtain that same unity no matter the distance apart.

clarityisdoorknobIf communication is the key, then clarity is the doorknob.

Taking advantage of your communication abilities is extremely important in remote teams. There are hundreds of apps and websites out there, like Skype, Google Hangouts/Drive, Trello, Slack, and more that can help keep your team connected. Don’t forget about those old tried-and-true methods, though, such as conference calls and emails. These can also open up communication amongst team members. Keeping the flow of communication going as often as possible is vital to a remote teamwork success.

However, none of this is effective without clarity. This can be as simple as verifying that all team members know the time of meeting or discussion in their time zone (world clocks can be a savior!). It is also necessary in setting up an agenda for your team briefs. Every team member should know exactly what is being discussed at each meeting, and plan their part accordingly. If directions are being given or tasks delegated, this needs to be clearly spelled out, and all team members need to ask questions for clarity as soon as there is a question or discretion. Without these two components, the door to success will never be opened.

By establishing clarity in your persistent communication, your team is setting itself for a higher rate of success. Remote teamwork can become complicated, but these essential tidbit of information will keep life for all as simple as possible. If you’re interested in how Heart’s services can benefit your remote team, give us a call at 309.427.7000.