Seven Sins of IT: Subpar Scheduling

scheduling time for your technology

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Once your IT is set up, what happens next? Is there talk of scheduling another visit, or does your IT service provider leave your parking lot, never to be heard from again? Is that the level of service you’re wanting from your technology provider?

If your provider is only interested in selling you technology solutions, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Business technology is more than just devices and Internet. It is service, upkeep and updates, maintenance, replacements, answering questions, training staff, and more. If you’re settling for a  “set it and forget it” type of business technology solution, you’re likely not serving your customers in the best way you can.

scheduling hospital shifts

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For example, if you are a hospital, you may have a system of devices (beepers, phones, etc.) that connect your employees to one another for effective communication. If you’re simply purchasing these communication devices, you are missing a huge portion of benefits to your staff, your company, and your patients. Your staff may need training on the devices, such as how to make and answer calls and what capabilities your device does and does not have. If a device begins to malfunction, who can you call to troubleshoot? Is it still under a warranty? When do you need to upgrade? For these questions, you will be on your own unless you’re using a trusted technology service provider.

How will this affect your clients? Let’s stick with the same example. If your staff doesn’t know how to use their communication devices effectively and properly, the service they provide will not be as thorough. If their service is less than what they are expecting, they will think twice before returning. This is especially true in medical facilities. If the staff can’t operate their own technology, why should I trust that they can operate on me or my loved ones? If it is something or someone you care about, odds are, you are willing to compromise other aspects, such as location or small amounts of time, to get good service in a timely manner from a trusted company.

scheduling time for your employee training

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This is where Heart Technologies comes in. If you are dealing with subpar scheduling, it’s time to put that to an end. Heart Technologies does more than just supply you with your devices. We will set up time to meet with your employees and train them in how to use the technology. We also provide you with necessary tools, like printed documents, PDFs, or videos, that can help your team maximize what your technology has to offer. As one of our customers, you will have 24/7 access to our team of experienced technology professionals to answer questions about your technology and address and issues that arise. If you are in need of more assistance, we will schedule a time with one of our technicians to come to your site and serve you. We have dedicated employees that will contact you to let you know when your devices, licenses, and warranties may be in need of updates. We take care of your technology scheduling for you so that you can focus on what really matters: Getting the best solutions for your clients.