Seven Sins of IT: Shaky Standards

setting the standards for your tech

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When your business was started, standards were established. These standards may have been regarding your core values, customer experience, employee expectations, and the list goes on. When technology was introduced into your company, standards for that were likely set as well. Are these standards being upheld? Are they updated? Are they even established?

Here’s the thing: If there is no technology standard set, how do you know if your systems are running effectively with nothing to compare it to? How can you provide your customers with the best service if your technology isn’t meeting a single standard?

Your technology needs to work for you, which is one of the main reasons to establish some form of measurement for your devices. Is your technology running at its top capacity? Is your technology outdated? Is your technology protected from ransomware, viruses, and other potential harms? Is your technology monitored and backed up? How often is your technology being backed up and monitored? Are there any adjustments that can your business can do to improve your current technology standings? Without any measurements to compare against, all of these questions go unanswered.

technology standards compare

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Your technology needs to work for your customers and potential customers as well. If your website isn’t being secured and protected properly, it could be spewing ransomware to its visitors. That is a surefire way to lose customers–both potential and current–fast. If your technology is not working effectively, the results can leave customers unimpressed. A lack of efficiency in your technology can also make your employees look inexperienced or unprepared, altering your customer perception as well.

If you want your business to grow, you need to invest not only in quality technology devices but in a company that will help keep your technology running effectively with the metrics to back it up. At Heart, we not only can provide you with reports showing how effective your technology options are, but we can assist you in creating standards for your business technology and consistently reaching or exceeding these standards. When it comes to your company’s tech needs, look no further than us because we take technology to HEART.