Seven Sins of IT: Poor Performance

poor performance ATM

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Of course, no one likes anything performing poorly. Whether it’s an off-key singer at the café or a fumble from your favorite athlete, it’s practically universal that all people dislike a poor performance. As a business owner, it’s vital to know this fact in order to keep your business booming.

How can your business have a bad performance? Perhaps your staff is unknowledgeable, or their demeanor is misinterpreted. Maybe the product or service you provide is not meeting the industry standard. There are many ways that your business may be losing customers, and that’s a scary truth.

What happens when your business starts performing poorly? Drop in interest. The number of potential customers decreases. Regular customers begin to look elsewhere. Finances suffer. The list goes on and on.

error performance

No one likes an error message. Are you unknowingly sending “error” messages to your clients? With poor performing IT, you may be.
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Have you considered that one of the ways your business may be performing poorly is through your IT, though? If your systems aren’t working smoothly and cohesively, you may be losing customers despite the fact that you didn’t actually do anything.

While in a shopping mall last summer, I decided to browse in a store I had not previously been in. The clothing was my style, the prices were affordable, and the staff was friendly. I selected a few pieces, then went to the register to pay. This is where the problem came in. The card reader, an older device, did not have seamless integration with the register. The checkout process for three items took about seven minutes. The reader didn’t want to read my card, then kept letting off an error message. The cashier had to take my card and use the reader connected to the register, but was still encountering issues. Finally, by typing in the numbers on my credit card, the transaction went through.

Although I am happy with the purchases I made from this store, I have never returned. Why? Their system is garbage. Despite enjoying the product and having fine service, the point of sale time was slow, taking convenience out of the equation. Sometimes, I will think about going to this store to pick up something new, I usually talk myself out of it because I need a “quick trip.”

business performance

Improve your business IT with a custom solution from Heart Technologies.
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If your IT performance level is unsatisfactory, this scenario could be what is happening to your customers. Don’t let this happen. Invest in a quality IT system with knowledgeable experts there to help you every step of the way. If business technology matters to your organization, take your technology to Heart.