Seven Sins of IT: Failure to Fit

is your tech the right fit for your business needs?

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Fit is important. Think about a shirt you want to wear for the next big outing. If it’s too big, you’re uncomfortably drowning in extra material and look like a child playing dress up. If it’s too small, you are constantly tugging at fabric and may feel like you’re busting out!

The same goes for your business technology. If the solution is too grand, the costs associated with it may make you feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable, and the grandiose may be over your head and your employees’ heads. If your solution is not big enough, you will likely be annoyed with the lack of space, especially when things may need to be shared. It is so vital to your business health that it’s IT solutions be fit for your company.

technology fit for you

How can you get a fit that lasts? This can be a tricky question. On the one hand, you don’t want to pay for technology that isn’t being used. On the other hand, you don’t want too little, either. Have we even mentioned business growth or downsizing? It’s enough to drive you mad, really.

Look, if you’re a business in need of technology services–which you are, because it’s the 21st century and every business needs it to survive–then you need a scalable technology solution. This means your technology solution is created with the idea of business grown and downscaling in mind. You have a custom solution that fits your current needs, but you also have the ability to increase or decrease your technology as your business changes.

Central Illinois businesses, Heart Technologies invites you to check out what we offer. From IT solutions to life safety systems to telephony and more, Heart has been providing the right fit for our customers for nearly 30 years. We believe in creating innovative solutions based on what you need while providing the good old-fashioned customer service you’ll appreciate from the very start. Your business matters. Take your technology to HEART.

fit technology to your business needs

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