Seven Sins of IT: Crappy Quality

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When it comes to your business technology needs, do you want any old schmuck or a trusted name with dedicated staff to attend to your questions?
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You know the old saying, “Quality over quantity.” There’s something to be said for that. There’s another saying that seems to be popular: “You get what you pay for.” Also, fairly true. I can’t tell you how many flimsy pairs of running shoes I had to purchase before realizing that forking up the extra cash for a better pair of shoes would not only save me in the long run but also improve other aspects of my life, like my athletic performance and body aches and pains.

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A fix for a fix really isn’t repairing anything. Choose quality equipment backed by quality customer service.
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This idea is very similar to business technology, more specifically, business IT. There’s a vicious cycle many organizations fall into: You install an IT system and structure when the business is created or moved into your facility. Then, one thing malfunctions, so you get a “quick fix” for that issue. Then another thing. Then another thing. Then another thing. Businesses are failing to recognize that workarounds are simply that: a way to work around the issue, not repair it. At this point, all of the wasted time and money poured into these “quick fix” solutions could have allowed you to save up (or better yet, pay for) an improved system.

What’s the proper solution? A customized IT system created with your organization’s goals in mind. What do you need your technology to do? How large or small does it need to be, or is scalability a better option? In what ways can your current system be improved upon, and is this solution fulfilling that? You need a technology company who knows the ins and outs of the services your business needs to step in, take a look at your existing status, make suggestions, and answer questions. You need highly qualified engineers with years of field experience looking at your business and your site to design a plan that fits your budget and your needs. For a business technology strategy that’s a step above the rest, take your technology to Heart.