Security Breaches: A Growing Concern

Network security infringements can bring a business to its knees: A recent CISCO report shared that more than one-third of businesses experiencing a security breach in 2016 reported losses exceed 20% across customers, opportunities, and revenue levels.

More alarming within the report, is that only 56% of security alerts are investigated with less than half of those legitimate alerts remedied. The nearly 3,000 chief security offices and operations leaders participating in the survey sited poor compatibility of systems, lack of trained talent, and budget constraints as the largest barriers to advancing security.

The lack of trained talent seems ever present. 57% of businesses reported major issues finding and recruiting talented IT security staff.

90% of the organizations that experienced a cyber attack in 2016 continue to improve threat defense systems and processes through tactics like separating IT and security functions (38%), increasing security awareness training for employees (38%), and implementing risk mitigation techniques (37%).

Best Strategies

With the world becoming increasingly complicated, the best defense remains a good offense. To better prevent, detect, and mitigate threats, here are the best strategies:

  1. Make security a business priority: Executive leadership must own security and fund it as a priority.
  2. Measure operational discipline: Review security practices and control access points to network systems, applications, functions, and data. Keep a keen eye on updating patches as they are released and recommended.
  3. Test security effectiveness: Establish clear metrics and action plans for their implications. Use them to validate and improve security practices.
  4. Adopt an integrated defense approach: Place integration and automation high on the list of assessment criteria to increase visibility, streamline interoperability, and reduce the time to detect and stop attacks. Security teams then can focus on investigating and resolving true threats.

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