Seven Sins of IT: Choppy Changes

changes to fiber optic cables

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As a kid, my dad liked to teach me life lessons. Some of these came in typical ways, like how to tie your shoes or how to ride a bike, while others were more unconventional, like the rules of comedy. Rule one (and to be honest, I’m not sure we ever got past this rule) was timing is everything. Although this was meant for a much different purpose, this is a phrase that has rung though my ears time and time again, likely to never leave me. With so many aspects of life, timing is everything, including business technology.

changes to technology

Changes and upgrades are necessary for business growth, but without the right procedure, these changes could be more costly than you’d think.
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Changes, like jokes, must be made at the right time to avoid catastrophe. If your IT isn’t wise when making changes and switches, this could cost millions of dollars to the company. In addition to financial loss, these poorly-timed changes can result in loss of data, usage of applications or servers, time, and more.

The best way to make effective changes is to have a strategy in place. This plan of action will ensure that you are making the right changes at the right time with facts to back it up. This agenda should include other necessary measures are in place at the time of change to increase chances of a successful and correct change. These necessary measures may be having equipment in place, having a plan set out, informing and educating employees, and so on.

changes to IT

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Can your IT provider supply you with everything your business needs to succeed before, during, and after changes are made? Can they make this transition smooth and seamless, or are you forced to deal with choppy, confusing changes? If it’s the latter, it’s time you make the change to a business technology provider that can give your company the best customized solution. For almost thirty years, Heart Technologies has been creating one-of-a-kind solutions for our customers that brings high-quality technology with good old-fashioned customer service. Our customers have a name to call on for help and round the clock access to our experienced team of professionals. When it comes to your business needs, take your technology to HEART.