IT Goes Mobile: Top Apps for IT Staff

IT staff apps

There’s an app for that. Remember those commercials? That campaign was launched in early 2009, and while Apple (and everyone else) is so over that phrase, it still rings true. Now, IT staff and administrators can take their work with them thanks to mobile apps. We’ve compiled a few awesome apps just for your IT staff that can potentially help make their jobs easier and more convenient than ever.

fing app for IT staff

Fing Network Tools
available for free on Android and iOS devices
Fing provides you with the IP address, name, and MAC address of each device found using your wireless network. This app also gives network administrators the ability to run pings, trace routes, and other tests, as well as search for devices  by name, IP address, or other identifiers. If your company has Fingbox accounts for your IT staff to use, this app integrates several levels of these accounts into its mobile app version.

NetScan App for IT staff

Net Scan
available for free on Android devices
The Net Scan app lets your IT staff learn the ins and outs of your network to identify loopholes and flaws that may arise or exist. Basic network mapping and port scanning can be executed as a “quick port scan” or regular scan, allowing the user to select the ports to scan manually.

NetworkToolbox App for IT staff

available for $5.99 on iOS devices
Hooray, Apple users! You have an all-in-one app that gives IT pros 32 different tools to use. This app lets users analyze local and public networks, identify security issues, spot wrong configurations, and scan all technology connected on your networks. For newer IT staff members, this app includes video tutorials, a glossary of tech terms, and more resources to help them learn as they go. With powerful search and scanning engines, NetworkToolbox is a great tool for every member of your IT staff.

Does your IT staff use any apps for work? Share in the comments below.