How Technology Benefits Nonprofits

Technology Benefits Nonprofits

Nonprofits face many challenges. One of these is finances. These organizations have been created to fulfill some goal, meaning most funds should go to that mission, but it is still a business with those associated costs. That in mind, there isn’t a huge budget for non-necessities, like the newest technologies, or aspects with flexible budgets, like promotions. What if there was something that could help promote these organizations’ missions at a low cost? There is, and it’s technology. Technology benefits nonprofits by providing many different platforms for these organizations to expand their reach, promote their message, and increase revenue for their causes.

The Internet plays a huge role in promoting a nonprofit organization. For little to no cost, nonprofits can increase their reach exponentially. By curating shareable content, an organization’s missions and values can be spread to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people. According to Pew Research, the average Facebook user has 338 friends on the social media site. That means one share of your content has the potential to impact 338 people, with the hopes that at least one of those viewers chooses to share with their 338 friends. The study also found several other interesting statistics, shown below:

Technology Benefits Nonprofits

In addition, technology benefits nonprofits by providing platforms for organizations to engage their audiences. Nonprofits are able to use the information of past donors to contact them through email campaigns, calling campaigns, and direct mail campaigns in order to show their appreciation, therefore building a relationship with donors in the hopes that it will translate to repeat donations. These efforts can also be used to encourage participation or volunteering, increase awareness, or share organization news.

Social media can also help boost awareness and funds for nonprofits with creative campaigning. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is probably one of the best examples of this. If you’ve forgotten, people nominated their friends to either dump a bucket of ice cold water on their heads or donate to the ALS Association. Even our own CEO, Lance Lelm, got involved in the cause!



Lance Lelm, Heart’s CEO, was nominated by Bill Harlan to accept the ALS water bucket challenge. Accepted and fulfilled within a few hours. Always up for supporting a great cause!

Posted by Heart Technologies, Inc. on Thursday, August 28, 2014

The campaign was extremely successful, and has since become an example for marketers in noteworthy social media campaign building.

IMG_1267Technology also provides nonprofits with a way to connect with new opportunities to help the business grow as well. A simple Google search will show an abundance of resources for technology help and upgrades, like this list from Idealist.

Another way for nonprofits to reap the benefits of technology is to sign up for The Great HEART Give. The Great HEART Give is our very own way of giving back to local nonprofits or nonprofit chapters. Nonprofit organizations are voted upon by the community to receive a $10,000 technology grant. Runners up have received technology grants of lesser sums or desktop office setups, including a new computer tower, monitor, and printer. The Great HEART Give launches in January, but you can check our website for updates and more on The Great HEART Give 2016!