Getting Schooled in IT Managed Services

IT managed servicesIf your school is looking into expanding its technology efforts, then IT managed services should be high on that list. Utilizing a company’s IT managed services offers full support options for scalable technology solutions at a fraction of what it would cost for your school to implement the same services independently.

Schools have so many different technology needs. There are phone systems, Internet, computers, information storage, synching, portals, and email, just to name a few. With varying products, product lines, programs, and more, there is so much knowledge that your IT specialist is expected to know. Considering most schools can only afford 1-2 tech support employees on staff, this is an especially difficult for this employee to learn and keep up with all devices and software used. If several tech issues arise, your school only has one person to fix the problems, all issues will take longer to fix. The lack in productivity as a result of failing technology and slow fix times will cost your school financially. An outsourced IT managed service supplier is sounding better by the minute.

IT managed servicesHiring a company that specializes in technology may be the best solution for your school. If an issue arises, simply contact your IT managed service provider. Your provider will direct you to a person of contact who is knowledgeable in the technology you’re having trouble with, whether that be your phone system or handset, cables and networking, or hosted servers. This person of contact can either walk you through a solution over the phone or come to your school to make the necessary fixes. If you choose to keep one tech employee on staff, he or she can specialize their knowledge in one area, such as computers. This allows for strong knowledge of one technology sector instead of little snippets of knowledge in many sectors.

If you think IT managed services could benefit your school, Heart can help! Contact us at 309-427-7000 to schedule a discovery session. We’ll analyze your current technology and come up with a solution that fits your school’s needs and budget.

IT managed services