Do I Need a Guest WiFi?

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Every store, doctor’s office, fitness center, and establishment from here to Timbuktu seems to have a guest WiFi network. Should your business have one as well? Take this quiz to find out:

Now that you know if you should or shouldn’t think about a guest WiFi, here are some helpful bits of information you’ll want to know:

Guest wireless networks are a good idea because you never know who is on your network otherwise. If you haven’t already, check out our blog on VPNs. As you can see, hackers can access information that is accessible through the network. This means computers, servers, storage devices, printers, and more. By having a separate WiFi connection for your guests, no one can access your network and its private information unless they have the password.

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Separate WiFi networks means nothing can go out and that nothing can go in. If a computer connects to your guest network and has a virus, that virus may contaminate the network and/or other connected devices. While it may be a pain to have to repair a network, it is MUCH better than having a virus on your company’s private network, which could contaminate your business files and devices.

Guest WiFi networks can still give your guests some privacy, though. If you’ve ever glanced at available WiFi networks in your area when you were at a shopping center, you’ve seen several different networks. Some were open to all, while others were password protected. All guest wireless networks do not need to lack in password protection. In fact, by having a network in which guests need to ask for the password can once again ensure that you know who is on your network. This can also be used as a way to make sure only paying customers are using your network if you own a business such as a coffeeshop or bookstore where visitors often come to work and stay for a while. This can be used as a tool to drive business to those who choose to browse the Internet in your facility.

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Guest networks can still limit the Internet resources available to its users. The range of the modem may be weak, in which case we recommend looking for the best wi-fi range extender within your budget to increase the power of the wifi signal for your guests. Perhaps it is in your best interest to have an open WiFi network, for example, at a busy doctor’s office. You can put a limit on how much bandwidth can go over that network. In other words, this can mean that your patients can check their social media newsfeed or send emails but not stream Netflix as they wait.

In conclusion, a guest WiFi network is most likely a wise business move for your company. If you are in need of improved wireless network services for your business, Heart Technologies may be the solution you need. Contact us at 877.494.3278 today to get started.

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